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Community participation by Al-Andalus schools for patients of Al-Adwani Hospital

The "Leave No Trace" initiative is an educational programme designed to teach students about the value of healthcare and the various medical professions. Al-Andalus schools took part in a special visit to the hypnosis department at Al-Adwani General Hospital as part of the programme. Mrs Fairouz, the hospital's social worker, and Ahoud Al-Mutairi helped organize the visit.

During the visit, students learned about the role of hypnosis in medicine and how it is used to treat various conditions, including anxiety, depression, and addiction. They could also watch live demonstrations of hypnotism and ask questions about the treatment process.

The "Leave a Trace" initiative is an integral part of Al-Adwani General Hospital's efforts to educate and engage with the community. By providing students with a firsthand look at the medical profession, the hospital hopes to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and promote a greater understanding of the importance of healthcare.